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Davina Pearl - Musician, Bandleader

The power of live music. It brings people together, makes them feel connected. Moves them. And creates a sense of occasion.

Of course live music does many things, but to me, these are some of the most important.


When you go out to hear a band, you entrust the musicians with the gift of your time and attention. In exchange, we will play our hearts out for you, inspiring you to leave the day’s worries behind and indulge in real time. 


Relax – enjoy – share. Treasure the moments of life before they slip away. 



An Ottawa-based saxophone player and bandleader, Davina Pearl has developed a reputation as a highly skilled and versatile musician. She is in demand throughout the local community where she frequently plays with many of Ottawa’s finest musicians. In recent years, Davina has been particularly delighted to lead her own groups. She plays in a variety of configurations – duos, trios, quartets and quintets - as well as larger groups for specific occasions. From pianists to trumpet players, guitarists and drummers, she has many qualified musicians she will call on. Let her create a group to fit your specific requirements.


At your convenience, Davina will help you determine the best type of live music for your specific situation. From a solo guitarist or a harpist, to a brass quintet or a dance band, she will call on her local resources to get you the best musical option for your needs. Use the Contact page to tell her about your event.

Davina Pearl Groups, your live music concierge.